Midas Interactive

Midas Interactive Entertainment Limited is an international publisher of video games for the leading gaming platforms including Playstation┬« Network, Playstation®2, PSP®, PC CD-ROM, Nintendo DS™ and Nintendo Wii™.

Midas has always been at the forefront of the video games industry; established in 1998 Midas was one of the first companies to introduce a value range of products to supermarkets, attracting more mass market consumers to what was previously a specialised industry.

In recent years Midas has made the successful transition from manufactured goods to digital distribution. No longer having to solely rely on manufacturing and distribution partners Midas has been able to reduce its overall costs leading to increased margins.

Partnering with leading digital stores including the Sony Playstation® Network and Green Man Gaming, Midas is able to offer its range of products to an ever increasing international audience. With an unrivalled understanding of the budget sector, Midas has sold in excess of 11 million units to date.

Sales Highlights

  • Rollercoaster World 390,000+ units sold
  • International Cue Club 370,000+ units sold
  • Pacific Warriors 2 300,000+ units sold
  • Crescent Suzuki Racing 250,000+ units sold
  • Lakemasters EX 250,000+ units sold