Majesty House Management Team

Kaled Lababedi

General Manager

With a strong background in corporate development across a wide spectrum of industries, Kaled brings to the management team years of invaluable knowledge and understanding for the group's future expansion. Part of the local council's UK tech, employment and skill board, Kaled is also pushing the group to be more involved in the local communities.

Stephen Morgan

Head of Development

Stephen has over twenty years of experience in games development and has been responsible for the sourcing, production and release of over 150 console and PC titles in Europe.

James Southey (Chartered Accountant)

Head of Finance

With over eighteen years of experience both as an accountant in practice and in industry James has helped a large and diverse portfolio of clients ranging from small entrepreneurial companies to large $200m organisations.

A Message from the Board

In nearly two decades of trading, Majesty House has grown from a single publishing company into a group that is self sufficient within the video gaming industry. The group structure offers us enormous advantages compared to our competitors, including a strong knowledge base to draw upon, fast response time on any issue relating to the digital software market and having little to no dependance on external support.

In the past few years the public's perception of video games has changed significantly, however the ingredients for a great video game haven't. Consumers are still and will always be in pursuit of products that offer serious and captivating entertainment. This underlying principal is at the core of all the projects we invest in. Our team is composed of dedicated members that all have a passion for gaming and for producing the most entertaining products within our remits.

This focus on creating pure entertainment has naturally driven us closer to our consumers. Maintaining a constant dialog within our fan community through the use of social media, as well as offering our consumer base the chance to beta test our products prior to release, provides us with invaluable feedback which allows us to better prepare for the future generation of games.

In this constantly evolving environment, no two products are ever the same. This brings its own set of challenges as well as great excitement to our every day work. Without the support we have received from our shareholders, partners and consumers, we wouldn't be where we are today. Therefore I would personally like to thank everyone who has offered us their assistance and continued support in helping us to deliver the most entertaining products possible.

K. Lababedi

Senior Vice President