An independent publisher of high quality games, Ghostlight was set up to fill a gap in the high end market. Renowned for publishing recognised brands worldwide and offering strong customer support.

  • High quality products
  • Worldwide relationships
  • Dedication to customer base

Initially established to offer support to both Midas and Ghostlight, the team's knowledge and experience has led to a quick transition and has become a fully fledged design and development studio.

  • Design & development services
  • Numerous industry awards
  • Wide range of projects

“A passion for gaming inspires us to create products we know our customers will love

Established in 2006 to oversee and maximise the performance and growth of Midas, Ghostlight and Laughing Jackal, Majesty House is comprised of a team of three senior managers each with extensive knowledge of the industry.

The Majesty House team is able to confidently represent any of its companies within the group by drawing upon a huge resource of experience, established relationships and diverse industry knowledge not usually available from single company publishers or development teams.

Having access to such a broad and shared skill set gives the Majesty House group a substantial advantage over similar sized competitors, helping to maintain its position at the forefront of the industry.

  • Experienced & committed team
  • Forward thinking
  • Vertical business integration
  • Swift adaptation to market trends